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Rempel Trucking in La Crete, Alberta offers 24-hour trucking services throughout Northern Alberta. Our extensive trucking services include Contaminated Soil Hauling, Sand & Gravel Hauling, Sawdust Hauling, and more. View our full list of services below. Since 2000, we’ve provided safe and reliable trucking services to each client.

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Rempel Trucking Services in La Crete, Alberta

All Rempel operators are highly skilled professional drivers

Transportation of Invert Drill Cuttings:
Specializing in the safe and efficient transport of invert drill cuttings, our team ensures compliance with environmental regulations and industry standards.

Contaminated Soil Hauling:
Offering expert contaminated soil hauling services, we prioritize environmental safety and adhere to strict guidelines to mitigate the impact on the environment.

Bulk Sawdust Supply and Delivery:
We provide reliable bulk sawdust supply and delivery, catering to a variety of industrial and commercial needs with punctuality and precision.

Bulk Pellet Supply and Delivery:
Our services include the supply and delivery of bulk pellets, ensuring timely and secure transportation for your industrial and commercial requirements.

Aggregate Supply and Hauling:
We offer comprehensive aggregate supply and hauling services, catering to construction and development projects with efficiency and reliability.

Oil Field Lease and Road Graveling:
Specializing in oil field lease and road graveling, our skilled team delivers quality service to maintain and construct access and operational areas in oil fields.

General Oilfield Hauling:
Providing general oilfield hauling services, we ensure safe and effective transportation of equipment and materials essential for oilfield operations.

Municipal Road Regravel:
Our municipal road regravel services focus on maintaining and improving road conditions, ensuring safety and accessibility for communities.

Tractor Service:
Offering professional tractor services, we cater to a range of agricultural and construction needs, leveraging our expertise and high-quality equipment for optimal results.


Equipment meets or exceeds regulations

– Tridem Sealed End Dumps with liners and cameo tarps
– Super B Side Dump End Dump combinations
– Super B Clam Dumps
– Tridem Walking Floor for sawdust and pellet delivery

Safety Comes First with Rempel Trucking

At Rempel Trucking, safety comes first. Since we started our business in 2000, we have put safety first above all else. All of our dedicated team members know what it takes to provide safe and efficient services to all of our clients.

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Safe & Reliable Trucking Services Across Alberta Since 2000

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La Crête
Fort Vermilion
High Level
Rainbow Lake
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• Bulk pellet supply and delivery 
• Transportation of Invert drill cuttings 
• Contaminated soil Hauling
• Bulk sawdust supply and delivery 
• Aggregate supply and hauling
• Oil field lease and road graveling 
• General oilfield hauling 
• Municipal road Regravel 
• Tractor service